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Oil & Gas Upstream Turnkey Power Projects  

Eurafric Energy Limited (EEL) is a dynamic and successful energy oriented company. Our core competence lies in upstream Oil & Gas; specializing in all aspects of exploration and production, as well as power projects.

Established in August 2004, the Company’s initial interest was the development of a significant international petroleum exploration and development entity through acquisition and development of oil and gas assets in West Africa, particularly Nigeria. With Power Sector reforms on the rise, EEL embarked into Turnkey Power Projects to tap this vast opportunity as a quality service provider. EEL Turnkey execution technique is based on perfect planning, review and monitoring of the project at each stage.

We work in partnership with host governments and local communities and provide access to new and innovative technology and expertise, allowing the costs of oil and gas exploration and production to be minimized, while ensuring maximum returns.

Our Business

What we do directly impacts the lives of millions around the world. Whether we're producing oil, generating power, providing homes with clean water or empowering rural communities with modern-day utilities, we make it our business to improve the quality of life for our generation - and countless others to come.
  • Oil & Gas Upstream

EEL holds a portfolio of assets that spans the petroleum value chain, with all operations run according to world-class safety and environmental standards

    • Our Core business activities are:
      • The exploration and production of oil and natural gas
      • The participation in, and acquisition of, local as well as international upstream petroleum ventures
      • The development of domestic refining and liquid fuels logistical infrastructure
      • The marketing and trading of oil and petrochemicals.

EEL is the operator of Dawes Island Marginal Field in OML 54 as well as part owner of OPL 2012. Outside Nigeria, the company has exploration acreage in Equatorial Guinea and Namibia.

    • We aim to achieve this by:
      • Growing our company into a significant industry player, while ensuring security of energy supply for the country
      • Transforming the company, the sector and society
      • Ensuring that the above are carried out in line with the highest safety, health, quality and environmental standards

EEL uses the latest technologies to aid exploration and production by utilizing emerging technologies and combining them with our specialist expertise provides significant advantages - both by maximizing exploration success as well as enhancing field recovery factors. This included:

    • Sea Bed Logging; a new method for remote and direct identification of hydrocarbon filled layers in deepwater areas, application of marine CSEM sounding, which can be applied to detect and characterize hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs in deep water areas.
    • Four Components Seismic; an exceptionally powerful tool for exploration and monitoring of reserves as well as enhancing production
    • 3d Geological Modeling; provides important data for reservoir management and production for the optimization of production wells to enhance reservoir performance.
    • Geological Reservoir Simulation Modeling; this is a sophisticated technique that integrates all available data to allow the flow in petroleum reservoirs to be modeled and predicted in a computer simulation especially for deep water exploration.


EEL also engages in power projects for commercial, residential and industrial developments. Our specialist expertise coupled with robust quality management, occupational health & safety and project management systems applied with structured planning enables us to provide customers with unsurpassed levels of competence, experience, ingenuity and flexibility to consistently deliver well planned & executed results.

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