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Oil & Gas Upstream Turnkey Power Projects  


Substation Commissioning

EEL is aggressively engaged in Design, manufacture and supply of all materials for the execution of erection, testing and commissioning of 110/11 KV, 33/11 KV and 11/0.4 KV Substations. EEL has vast technical expertise for working out capacity augmentation, renovation and modernization of existing substations. EEL has carried out major Substation projects for both Federal and State governments.

Transmission and Distribution

EEL Transmission and Distribution turn-key services consists of getting preliminary design approved, procurement of accessories such as conductors, insulators and hardware accessories, construction, setting up transmission towers, execution of civil work, laying of cables, installation of transformers resulting in customized infrastructure set-up as per the requirement of the utility. EEL strength as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor is having necessary knowledge in carrying out turn-key power projects in a timely manner.

Distribution Transformer Metering

As a part of Distribution Transformer Metering, EEL specializes in installation of Distribution transformers, box, Capacitor bank on Distribution transformers, overhauling of HT & LT cables and installation of LT Tri-vector meters for measurement of losses on the transformers. With power thefts and outstanding bills continuing to remain a problem, power distribution companies are relying on Distribution Transformer Metering (DT Metering) to cut losses. EEL meters with metering accessories on distribution transformer takes care of energy accounting, monitoring supply quality and reliability. EEL is building up capacity to connect AMR's with DT Meters. This in turn will enable supply of real time information to the central control server of the utility, eliminating the need for physical data collection.

Billing Solution

Along with Meters, EEL is making headway in providing a comprehensive automated billing software solution that will enable the elimination of billing errors and efficient customer service. This involves phase-wise implementation, beginning with spot billing, downloading of data from the meters through Hand-held terminals and at a subsequent stage polling data from the meters by a central base station server of the utility through AMR techniques such as power line carrier, RF or GSM/GPRS mode of communication. The central station software takes care of meter data processing, bill generation, bill tracking, tariff management, payment status, changes in consumer data base etc. Utilities can use this software solution for exciting value added features such as on-line checking of energy consumption from anywhere in the world, on-line payment and registration of grievances etc through web-enabled services to both residential and commercial consumers.

Community Relationships Strategy

  • EEL recognizes that sound community relations cannot be separated from the goals of efficient operations and high quality performance.
  • Eurafric will work with government and all parties at promoting improved community relations.
  • Eurafric will develop Codes of Practices to ensure that goals are achieved.
  • Eurafric will establish a variety of schemes to identify and eliminate conflicts and unsafe practices at the work place.
  • The company will train staff and selected community representatives in community development matters so as to enhance their awareness and increase their effective participation and contribution as individuals.
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