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Eurafric Oil & Coastal Services


Eurafric Oil & Coastal Services is a tank-farm operator and Petroleum Product marketing subsidiary of G-EURAFRIC LIMITED duly incorporated in 1996, we currently operate and manage a 30,000 metric tonnes storage facility at Dockyard Road, Apapa.

We engage in the Exportation/Importation, Delivery/Storage to Sales and distribution of petroleum products such as Diesel (AGO), Kerosene (DPK), Petrol (PMS), Gas (LPG), Oil (lubricants), amongst others, to wide variety of retail and industrial consumers in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry with specific focus on contributing its quota to support the Nigeria content policy.

We boast of human capital with tremendous pedigree, expertise and experience particularly in the areas of sales, distribution and supply of products.

Bulk Trading
The company is also involved in the large-scale Import and Export of petroleum products to Nigeria. Our supply and trading activities have over 5 million metric tons of products


  • over 10 years combined trading experience in all petroleum product
  • Strong reliability of delivery on all supply contracts
  • Trading lines in excess of over $ 2 billion
  • Storage facility in major locations of the country
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