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Eurafric Oil & Coastal Services


Incorporated in 2000, Traders Energy limited a subsidiary of G-Eurafric is a privately held company whose capabilities encompass such diverse areas as oil & gas, power generation & transmission, building construction, engineering consulting, environmental infrastructure, logistics & cargo handling, etc.

Traders Energy Limited has endeavored to maintain a reputation for excellence in performance by providing high quality service based on competence, efficiency, cost effectiveness and adherence to contract programs.

Recognised by the PPMC as a model marketer for the role it played in ensuring the supply chain stays wet during the scarcity of DPK in 2011, Traders Energy Limited has consistently grown in real terms over the past 10 years and is one of the few companies that can secure financing solely or jointly with our international partners for projects in Nigeria as well as overseas.

The company employs a pool of professional highly skilled and experienced workforce to aid it in playing a leading and competitive role in all its fields of endeavor in both the local and international arena

To continuously strive to remain a top 0il & Gas, Energy, Engineering & Consulting Company, offering pioneer state of the art technological solutions and providing the best professional service value, regardless of project size or profitability.

Identify and create domestic and international projects and participate in successful implementation of such projects in accordance with company guidelines and goals while advancing win–win relationships with clients and the host communities.

“To render services of consistently high quality that meet or exceed our clients’ requirement and expectations at all times. Our operations shall be consistent with public good and shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations”.

We are committed to operating in an environment that guarantees total attention to protection of our staff, client, and the environment in which we work and live in.

Primarily, Traders Energy is committed to bulk trading of petroleum products on wholesale arrangement throughout Nigeria and her coastal areas within the gulf coast of West Africa.

Products traded include: Automotive Gas Oil [AGO], Low Pour Fuel Oil [LPFO], High Pour Fuel OIl [HPFO], Premium Motor Spirit [PMS], Dual Purpose Kerosene [DPK], Aviation Type Kerosene [ATK], Base Oil, Lube Oil and Bitumen, Low Residue Sulphur [Waxy Type], Fuel Oil [LRS - 1], Vacuum Gas Oil [VGO], Liquefied Petroleum Gas [LPG]

The organization’s emergence into the sector with a cutting edge of dynamism laced with professionalism and excellent administrative acumen is obviously at a clear advantage over competitors with its unequalled downstream and upstream activities.

Other areas in which Traders Energy along with its international partners can competently provide services include but are not limited to

Energy                                             Logistics & Shipping
Mining                                             Environmental Engineering                         GIS & IT
Landscape Architecture                 Municipal Engineering                                  Planning & Site Design
Structural Engineering                   Surveying                                                           

Engineering Design
- Design Engineering  - Facilities Assessment  - Project and Facilities Management   - Feasibility Studies  - Economic Analysis
- Field engineering  - Life Cycle Costing  - Project Schedule - Computer Aided Design & Drafting

Mechanical Design
- HVAC                                                  - Plumbing                                                          - Fire Protection
- Energy Analysis & Design           - Process Piping                                                   - Roof Drainage Systems

Electrical Design             
- Power Distribution                       - Lighting                                                              - Communication
- Security                                           - Instrumental Controls                                

Construction Administration
- Construction Management       - Commission Consultant                             - Resident Engineering
- Project Controls & Reviews      - Contractibility Review                                 - Fire Alarm Systems

Industrial Design     
- Manufacturing Processes          - Plant Utilities                                                   - Plant Lay-outs & Designs

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